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What is the Real Pastors Podcast? Real Pastors interviews pastors and those in ministry. We want to hear from people who are doing the real work of ministry.

Why is this needed? The training gained from seminary or Bible is valuable, but it does not prepare you for real ministry. You need hands-on practical knowledge. The way to gain this kind of knowledge is to either do the work or ask someone who has.

I created Real Pastors in 2014. I wanted to improve my ministry skills by meeting with experienced local pastors. Later I began to record these conversations.

What do others say about the podcast?  

"By following this podcast, we can be encouraged and hear great stories of others that are in the trenches of ministry. I recently had the opportunity to share some of my missional stories on the podcast and was honored to be asked." - Glen Willet, Worship Pastor Westminster Baptist Church

"Mark is sowing seeds of hope and vision in the lives of many who might be tempted to 'grow weary in well doing.'" - Joe Ready, Pastor of Liberty Church

If there is a subject you would like featured on Real Pastors then use the Contact page and submit it. All questions are considered.